Welcome we are glad you have taken time to read who we are and what we offer.

Pause for Thought name is a play on words based on the idea to take a mindful pause. When do we simply stop and allow ourselves to just be.

We recognise the person to be a whole system, which is why we seek to take a holistic approach to everyone we support.

Many people have complex issues relating to their physical, emotional, mental wellbeing. This effects their everyday performance, at work, whilst studying and within interpersonal relationships.

We respect this and have designed services that will benefit you greatly.

Let us work with you to enhance your sense of self, sense of purpose in life and live in an authentic way which brings you the most joy and satisfaction.


To be a conscious company, which has one goal in mind to make you feel good.


Our vision was to develop a bespoke specialist services that would help both individuals and employers to feel happier and confident in themselves and within their work environment.

Our Aims

Increase individual’s levels of motivation and improve performance

Increase peoples emotional and mental wellbeing

Enhance their physical wellness

Our Goal is to meet our aims by providing a bespoke, responsive services, consultancy training and education within the community, nationally and globally.


Why Choose Us?

In choosing us you save yourself, time, energy and finances, we offer consultancy to help you identify solutions that will work for you.

We have combined years of experience and knowledge of human mind and development to create for you a number of options, tools and approaches that can be used together or separate.

We draw upon the latest research drawing on multiple areas, mindfulness, neurology, positive psychology, metaphysics, physical health, performance management, to make sure we always stay ahead of the curve!

Tools we use when developing our bespoke packages:

  • Psychodynamics of learning and performance management.
  • Psychology including; cognitive, behavioural, positive psychology, attachment focused, solution focused, neuro linguistic programming.
  • Neuroscience including neurodevelopmental
  • Mindfulness for peak performance and Wellness.
  • Complementary Therapies and Energy healing.

Pause for Thought has created a new flexible and responsive service. We can help you find the right solutions.

Our goal company motto is a company with one goal in mind to make you feel good.


The Pause For Thought Team

Our goal is to make you feel good.

Our philosophy is to be respectful, flexible and responsive.

We want you to have a good experience, to assist you in your personal development journey as best we can. We will aim to find something that works for you, that’s why we have thought carefully about the team we have created to ensure they can offer a variety of services.

Pause for Thought work with a pool of experts drawing upon their talent and knowledge ensuring you receive the best experience possible leaving you feeling good.

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