Emma Roberts 

Founder & CEO

Hello I am Mindful Miss Zen,

Welcome to Pause for Thought lovely to have your presence.

I am proud to present my brainchild Pause for Thought as a clinical mindfulness expert, therapist, writer, public speaker and spiritualist my vision was to create a company from which I could share the magic of mindfulness with the masses!

I have drawn upon my experiences of working across both public and private sectors for some of the world’s largest organisations and my extensive academic study years of psychology and human development.

Whilst working in the NHS as therapist and a senior mental health specialist for several years I became curious about the link between mental health, organisational dynamics and peoples wellbeing and personal performance.

I observed how using mindfulness made me more emotionally resilient and able to overcome adverse life experiences and continue to perform in high pressured work environments.

I continue to study, research, write and develop my own training and workshops in a new area of research known as applied mindfulness.

I look forward to meeting you soon.



Working with anxiety disorders, applied mindfulness, enhancement of motivation, development of self-awareness, spiritual and emotional development