Michelle Corns

Hi my name is Michelle aka Angel Storm, my passion is empowering people so they have the tools to go on and develop themselves. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.


My interest in holistic therapies began when I was trying to find realise for the painful condition fibromyalgia and ME.

I was introduced to reiki a form of energy healing and advised that the best way to continue to promote self-healing in myself was to attune to the reiki energy which meant was then in a position to both use the energy on myself and offer this as a treatment to others.

This was amazing as it meant I stopped using as many painkillers and more and more people came to me asking me to teach them.

So started on my reiki journey ten years ago and completed what we call atunements, becoming attuned to the reiki energy is part of the training process and became a reiki master in 2010.

I am really passionate about using reiki with animals I have treated all kinds of animals from a meerkat to a heard of cows. Being a horse owner I enjoy focusing on equine reiki.


My interest started when I did an introduction to hypnotherapy at a local adult education centre in Leeds and I instantly found this fascinating how I could put myself into trance say for example at the dentists. The power of the mind is so incredible that it helped me to pass my driving test on my sixth attempt.

More recently in 2012 I had a riding accident after this I became an anxious rider, I realised one day that I was re-living the accident each time I was riding it was a sort of post traumatic response. This realisation I saw as an amazing breakthrough because I literally found a hypnotherapy CD for horse riders (I now have my own version available for sale -add link here) which I found incredible as it worked on my subconscious to eliminate the mental blocks concerning my fears about riding.

Now I only have to tell myself by the time I get to a certain point on the horizon that I will be relaxed and it works every time.

I was also languishing in my role as a local government administer, struggling with increasing health problems so I took voluntary redundancy in 2015 and trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. I am now excited to be part of the pause for thought team and to be able to facilitate wonderful changes in others in eliminating unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Hypnotherapy has endless possibilities that is multi-dimensional and the power of the mind is unfathomable.

When I see someone dismount their horse at the first sign of any anxiety, later going on to gallop across moorlands and enter competitions, after only 3 sessions, it's really wonderful to feel I have been part of that transformation.

I am a level 2 EFT (emotional freedom technique) I also use these techniques within my hypnotherapy treatments. I find these techniques are really useful in releasing trauma, emotional and mental blockages.

My areas of interest:

Increasing confidence, improving motivation, eliminating fears and phobias, especially working with horse riders who have lost their confidence, EFT, Law of attraction.