Mindful Mandala Project

In September 2015 Pause for Thought were approached by Claire Harbottle Independent Midwife and photographer to become involved in a very special project using a predominant art space in Leeds.

November 2015

We ran this mindful art based activity adapted by Pause for Thought entitled Mindful Mandala Making sessions, every week for four weeks to attendees local artists, parents & children, midwives and birth workers as a gentle introduction to the philosophy of Mindfulness.

This was part of the nativity Hub art installation at union 105 leeds



Food for Thought

In this event in October 2015 pause for Thought delivered a workshop, presenting Emma Roberts and Dean Biddulph entitled Food for Thought.

At the vegan restaurant Roots & Fruits.

Emma spoke about her journey with Mindfulness practice and led a Mindful eating meditation.

Whilst Dean presented his journey to wellness by becoming more conscious and choosing a healthier lifestyle. Which for him included becoming a vegan.

Magpie Mama

In January 2016 Charlotte the 'Magpie Mama' invited us into her home to join her regular Rainbow Souls Mums Group whom meet weekly to deliver a session on Mindfulness.

We chose to deliver a mindful mandala session so that all ages could benefit.

The children both enjoyed and found it unusual when the mums went quiet! During the Mandala meditation.

To find out more about Charlotte check her out in social media and subscribe to her YouTube channel on Channel Mum




The Ladybird Project 

November 2015

The Ladybird Project, an arts organisation based in Leeds, runs a weekly skills share and wanted to have a session on Mindfulness and were struggling to find anyone to volunteer.

Mindful Miss Zen offered her services delivering the Mindful Mandala workshop to a range of artists and art students from the local area.

You can find out more about the project on social media too:



Applied Mindfulness Lectures 

Emma Roberts leading a lecture on her bespoke course developed and copyrighted to Pause for Thought on applied Mindfulness for social work practice for 1st degree students at the University of Bradford.

Emma has been employed as a guest lecturer at Bradford University for the last two years delivering her bespoke programme three times a year to both undergraduate and masters level students as part of their readiness to practice module.

Mindfulness Events and Workshops

Miss Zen at the Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival in July 2016

Delivering Mindful mandala class in the yoga studio as an Applied Mindfulness taster session.